Contemporary Health Career Institute

Upcoming Programs

Course #1: Introduction to Dentistry and Assisting
Course #2: Assisting for Operative Dentistry
Course #3: Basic Assisting Needs
Course #4: Assisting for Prosthodontics
Course #5: Radiology
Course #6: Midterm Exam and Review Sessions
Course #7: Dental Specialties In depth: Part 1
Course #8: Dental Specialties In depth: Part 2
Course #9: Doctor + Assistant + Hygienist: “The team approach”
Course#10: Final Exam, Job Placement, Preparation and Graduation

Fall 2017: October 1- December 11

Winter 2018: January 7 - March 11

Spring 2018:  March 18 - June 10

Summer 2018: June 24- August 26


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CHCI is located inside of Exton Dental Health Group. Students get the benefits of learning in a modern dental facility. ​

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What are our students saying about CHCI?

"I graduated a few years ago, and love my career as a Dental Assistant!!! I highly recommend everyone register for class right away!" Jeanne 

"To this day I am proud to say that I went to CHCI! I made great memories with my classmates and teachers Cindy and Megan. I can honestly say it changed my life and gave me the tools I needed to start my career!" Jen C.